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The Spawnies

We created an interactive nomination and voting experience to power The Spawnies 2023 – a game awards show celebrating underrepresented voices in gaming.

Kahlief Adams, creator of the Spawn On Me podcast, wanted to update the nomination and voting process by bringing it directly to popular platforms for the gaming community: Twitter and Twitch. Grab Labs collaborated with him on a suite of tools to do just that. We built an app that tracked viewer nominations directly on Twitter through replies, likes, and retweets. Once nominees were finalized, viewers could vote on categories through a voting website and Twitch extensions that appeared directly on the stream during nominee announcements. For the official Spawnies livestream, we supported the show with highlights to deliver noteworthy insights on how fans voted. Our partnership provided a seamless experience for viewers to voice their opinions on 2022’s year in gaming.

Created For
Kahlief Adams
Founder of Spawn On Me

October 2022

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