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Channel Boost

Be a part of the discoverability solution on Twitch!

Channel Boost allows you to engage with your community by showcasing your viewer’s channels and sharing their fun stream moments. Approve Boosts to ensure your community is only seeing Boosts that you want to be shared. Any Twitch clips approved play muted over your stream for a non-disruptive experience for viewers until they click into it.

Created For
The Twitch community

June 2023


We created Channel Boost to address the lack of visibility for small creators on Twitch. This extension provides the opportunity for streamers to strengthen their communities by being able to easily share and enjoy each other’s content.

  • Twitch clip support
  • Expandable Twitch clips
  • Link out to Twitch channel and clips
  • Follow button on stream
  • Bit support

Available from Grab Labs

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