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Charmin Deuce Destroyer

The Charmin Deuce Destroyer introduced an arcade-like minigame to your favorite streams.

Charmin approached Twitch seeking a way to reach a younger audience in an authentic way. Inspired by the classic Duck Hunt video game, Grab developed the Charmin Deuce Destroyer extension. The extension was a full screen, playable, mini-game that was featured on a number of top channels over the course of a month. Viewers competed to earn points and win rewards by shooting flying poops emojis out of the sky!

Created For
Procter & Gamble

June 2020

What People Said
“Strongly considering switching my main game to the @Charmin Deuce Destroyer...”
“...playing the best stream game ever Deuce Destroyer...”
“gooood morning! playing valorant and everyone’s favorite game deuce destroyer today 😏”

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